CONTAMINATED FUEL.  A number of diesel truck owners are fighting warranty denials because of alleged contaminated fuel in their vehicles.  This can happen with any truck but most reported problems have been with Dodge and Ford engines.   The manufacturer claims that the warranty is void because the contaminated fuel is evidence of improper maintenance.  The servicing dealer is then put in the middle between the owner and manufacturer as they do not want to perform a costly repair or even the replacement of the engine without the promise of warranty payment.


Insurance Claim.   The dealer may suggest that the owner submit a claim to the owner's insurance company for contaminated fuel.  When these claims were first made the insurance companies paid.  However, as more claims were submitted, the insurance companies began to investigate these claims by hiring engine experts and obtaining fuel samples.   The insurance company will deny the claim if the fuel sample is within the manufacturer's specifications or the parts show a general failure of the engine that should be covered by warranty.


What to Do?  If this happens to you, immediately preserve the damaged parts, especially the  fuel injectors and fuel filters.  Call us for help.  We have helped a number of people with this problem.


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