Vehicle Warranty Claim Denied?
Dealer Says Contaminated Fuel?
Did You Buy a Rebuilt Wreck?
Odometer Rolled Back?
Can't Get Title To Your Vehicle?
Vehicle Warranty Claim Denied - Get Help

Is your car under the manufacturer’s warranty but the claim has been denied?  We can help, especially if the denial is the result of an event or omission that happened before you bought the vehicle. We may also be able to help if it is the denial of an extended warranty or extended service contract.

Contaminated Fuel - Get Help

Did you take your vehicle to the Dealer for warranty repairs, only to be told that the repairs were not covered because you put contaminated fuel in the tank?  This often happens with diesel vehicles and the Dealer suggests that you file an insurance claim.   Which is also denied after the insurance company determines that there is not contaminated fuel.  We can help as we have experience with this situation.

Rebuilt Wreck - Get Help

Did you buy a quality used Vehicle but just learn that your Vehicle has been a Salvage or insurance Total Loss Vehicle?   Call us, we can help.

Odometer Rolled Back - Get Help

Did you buy a vehicle with a certain mileage?  Then found out later that it has a lot more miles on the odometer?  Call us.

Can't Get Title To Your Vehicle - Get Help

If you purchased your vehicle more than 90 days ago but the Dealer can’t get the title or licenses plates for you, I can help.  Make sure you have provided your insurance information to the Dealer and you have asked for the title in writing.   If you have done these things, we can help you with your title complaint.

Mark Aschermann is an Austin Texas civil trial attorney board certified in Consumer and Commercial Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. For over 25 years he has represented Texas consumers in many matters but has specialized in representing vehicle buyers in Lemon Law, Autofraud and Manufacturer Warranty disputes. Our office is located in Austin, Texas.  For more information about my credentials - click here.
On manufacturer Lemon Law claims we don’t charge fees unless we win for you. On AutoFraud cases we may ask you to pay costs like Filing Fees. Call us if you have questions.